Photo IDs Are Needed

According to most polls, a majority of American Citizens want fraud-free Elections. They overwhelmingly approve of Photo ID Voter Cards as one method to insure fraud is minimized in the Election Booth. In today’s on-line article in the “Opinion Journal of the Wall Street Journal”, read John Fund’s Vote-Fraud Demagogues part of which I have quoted.

“One reason for such large public support is that the potential for fraud is real. Many people don’t trust electronic voting machines. And in recent years Democratic candidates have leveled credible accusations of voter fraud in mayoral races in Detroit, East Chicago, Ind., and St. Louis.”

Critics of Photo verification claim the poor and minorities would be disenfranchised because they would find it hard to obtain a Photo ID. Hogwash! Apparently these people do not drive or cash checks.

In many states there is a nominal fee for the issuance of a State Photo ID. Provisions have even been made for those who cannot afford this small fee. Further provisions have been made in some cases to arrange convenient locations and possible home visits to insure that every person who is eligible can become a registered voter. As a further safeguard against Voter Registration Fraud, Provisional Voting allows all persons who have questionable eligibility to vote and be counted.

I speak from experience as an Election Judge when I state that I do not personally know all the registered voters in my precinct. Hopefully at least one of the other four Judges does know each person who presents themselves to cast a ballot. But in the Real World, other factors influence this recognition equation. First, due to apathy, ability, willingness and other reasons, there is a shortage of Election Judges. Second, due to these shortages, an Election Judge may serve outside their home Precinct. These two factors contribute to the perpetuation of certain types of Election Fraud. A PHOTO ID would make the voting process less fraud prone.

How serious is voter fraud? Consider this statement from the above referenced article.

“Last week, election officials in San Antonio, Texas determined that 330 people on their voter rolls weren’t citizens and that up to 41 of them may have voted illegally, some repeatedly. In 2004, San Antonio was the scene of a bitter dispute in which Democratic Rep. Ciro Rodriguez charged his primary opponent with voter fraud.”

How did they find these people? In Texas Jury Duty notices come from the list of Eligible Voters! Many of these 330 people were not even citizens of the USA!

We must allow all eligible voters to vote, but only those eligible should select their Government Voices.


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