Another Look at Al Gore’s Global Warming

Since 1992, Al Gore has claimed that the Earth was experiencing rapid Global Warming. His award winning movie, “An Inconvenient Truth” has raised awareness of the human contribution to the natural cycles in the Earth’s temperature fluctuation. In many ways we owe him a debt of gratitude. More study and money has been allocated to Scientific Climate Research as a result of his squawking. But if he is really interested in and concerned for our planet’s future, he needs to come forward and acknowledge the mounting evidence that he may be wrong. Scientific fact has shown some of his claims to be false, and others at least need a major revision.

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2 Responses to Another Look at Al Gore’s Global Warming

  1. jfoc says:

    Re hurricanes, the dispute isn’t that global warming is causing more hurricanes but that it’s increasing their severity and longevity. To claim otherwise is a straw man argument.
    Re Himalayan glaciers, the 2006 study on Himalayan glacier growth is not refuting global warming (quite the contrary) but observing anomalous behaviour in a particular Indian region which has shown short term glacier growth in contrast to the long term, widespread glacier retreat in the rest of the Himalayas. There is no disputing that glaciers are retreating – a 2007 satellite study of Himalayan glaciers has observed “an overall deglaciation of 21%” from 1962 to 2007. Globally, glaciers are shrinking in area and thickness and the melt rate has accelerated dramatically since the mid-1990s. In essence, the 2006 Himalayan study is the exception that proves the rule.
    Finally looking at Mt Kilimanjaro, indeed land use that seems to be causing the shrinking glacier so Gore may have got this wrong. But Philip Mote who wrote the original article in American Scientist puts it in perspective: “The fact that the loss of ice on Mount Kilimanjaro cannot be used as proof of global warming does not mean that the Earth is not warming. There is ample and conclusive evidence that Earth’s average temperature has increased in the past 100 years, and the decline of mid- and high-latitude glaciers is a major piece of evidence.”
    In other words, all this nitpicking of minor side-issues is skirting around the main point of An Inconvenient Truth which is that human CO2 emissions are the driving force behind global warming.

    [Comment By Murky Research] Thank you for the comments. You have done a lot of Research on this subject, and you have made an excellent presentation of your view. But, for each piece of Research you find to support your view, I can find an opposing view. At present, I believe we can start doing things to reduce our carbon footprint, but making drastic changes at great expense is not yet warranted. Let us not go off the high dive until we are sure there is water in the pool.

  2. jfoc says:

    To be honest, I hadn’t done that much research. After I read your post, I spent an hour or two last night reading the original studies referred to about Mt Kilimanjaro, the Himalayan glaciers & Antartica ice growing (I did stay up quite late though, I’m paying for it today). I was surprised to see all three authors endorsed anthropomorphic global warming and stressed that the phenomena they observed was unique to the region. So it’s a bit ironic that James Taylor is taking the moral high ground when he’s taking studies out of context and misrepresenting the science.

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