Cost of Global Warming Action

How much are you willing to pay to decrease carbon emissions? Live Earth has asked millions to Answer the Call by making a commitment in six areas; commitment to actions designed to reverse or prevent the climate crisis. Five of the choices are things which all of us can do relatively easily and without much expense. These are things which we should do, today. But the sixth choice (the only default choice) adds your name to the Live Earth Pledge. Nowhere is the old axiom “read before you sign” more important than in this case. This pledge lists 7 itemized actions to which you agree. All require some degree of life-style change, but item 1 will result in the kind of radical life-style change none of us can afford.

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2 Responses to Cost of Global Warming Action

  1. Thunderbird says:

    It’ll crush the economy, they all say. Who’s panicking, really? Remember when the mileage standards went from 13 to 27 mpg? Did it kill the industry? Nope. What about catalytic converters? Unleaded gas? Worker safety rules? Every one was gonna absolutely kill us. It’s always predicted and it never happens.

    The most agressive REAL proposals out there (Live Earth mantras don’t count) suggest 2% reductions in CO2 use every year. Guess what? We ALREADY reduced CO2 production this country 2% in 2006, compared against 2005. How’s the economy? Crushed? Funny, didn’t notice it.

    As far as the conflicting science, isolated evidence of a growing glacier here or a treeline there doesn’t dispute a) recent spike in CO2 ppm and b) changes in temperature. Look at the IPCC data: over hundreds of thousands of years, the two go hand in hand. Every time, like clockwork. Your “contrary science” is like pointing a radar gun at a tree, then arguing the tree is in fact a car, and therefore the rader gun is broken because cars go fast. Dishonest, and usually paid for by energy companies.

    Appreciate your attention to the issue, but don’t drink the industry kool-aid; you’re the one panicking about a collapsed economy.

    [Comment by Murky Research] Some of what you say is true, but 2% is zip compared to the 90% in 2 yrs Gore wants. But CO2 is not as much a contributor to Global Warming as a follower or indicator of Warming. The biggest Global Gas which contributes to Warming is H20 (water vapor). Your “radar tree” is nowhere close to what the Research I have referenced (Sun Cycles, Sea Bed Cores, etc.) is about. And as far as panicking, I am rather suggesting moderation of the Panic Al Gore preaches. I resent Gore’s assertion that “It is Settled” because it’s not true. There are a large number of scientific authorities who don’t agree as to cause. More Research is needed, but funding is hard to get unless you to the conform to the Political line that Gore espouses. Good Scientists tend to act on facts and not hype. They wait until the facts are conclusive before they take a stand, And that’s why so many are still silent. As for the energy companies funding scientific projects, consider that whoever invents an alternative energy will make Trillions. Energy companies would love to have that monopoly.

  2. Tucker Lieberman says:

    It doesn’t say the 90 percent reduction is to occur within the next two years. It says the signing of the treaty should occur within the next two years, and that the follow-through on the treaty’s promises should occur, loosely, “in time for the next generation to inherit a healthy earth”. Gore’s point is only that President Bush should be held accountable for signing a treaty before he leaves office. The timeline for the actual work is left vague.

    [Comment by Murky Research] I guess it depends on how you view Al Gore. Whatever the time line is Politicians don’t need to legislate limits at this time. Make the money available to do Research. Gore is one of the biggest Hypocrites on this issue. He claims that he has aggressively pushed Global Warming Issues since 1982, yet during the time he was VP our carbon footprint was 15 times higher than under Bush.

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